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Dark Worlds

My world seemed darker than it ought to be – as if other worlds were somehow brighter and that this one should be too. But, child that I was, I dared to dream. The darkness never really caught onto my heart, as it had done to many others. They’d grown old and grey, well before they were meant to. I had never quite let go of my childhood, however, and I was younger than my peers, yet in my youthful arrogance I also felt wiser. I felt I’d suffered more than any others because I was somehow more vulnerable, like a phoenix in the rain.

But it was exactly a phoenix which showed me how untrue my world views were – though at the same time it reminded me that childhood is something one should never surrender to anything, even to adulthood. A bird of flame could withstand the endless downpour of rain not because of some higher power, but because it would never surrender, never let its flame be doused by anything at all. I came to learn that my weaknesses were in fact strengths, if only I learned to use them in my favour. I let the flame of the phoenix brighten my heart even more, and I promised myself I would never surrender to the rain or anything else. My inner flame would be what made the world as bright as it should be: bright enough to uplift those around me without blinding them to reality.

Light and dark are often used as a metaphor for good and evil, at least in the stories I’ve been told throughout my youth. But people never seem to realise that light can be just as blinding as darkness – it takes a careful balance to allow us to truly see the beauty of the world around us. For every phoenix, there will be a shadow dark enough to counter its light, but this is no reason to surrender. Quite the opposite, it’s a reason to shine bright, be proud of who you are and to never close your eyes to the world around you. It takes a balance tipped just slightly in favour of the light, for the spark of magic to exist. The slight spark that makes all the difference, a spark which exists in every world, no matter how dark it may seem.

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