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Treading Lightly

The light danced in his eyes as well as in his hands – a small creature that seemed to be made of moonlight crawled quickly back and forth between his fingers. It was hard to tell what kind of creature it resembled – it seemed both furry and scaly all at once. It had a soft, ethereal glow about it that to stretch out further than it should in the darkness. He smiled as he watched it play, keeping half an eye on the camp fire and of course his dinner. He had no idea where the critter came from, had never even seen one before. He knew, of course, of Magic and of Sorcery, Witchcraft and Wizardry, but he’d never seen anything remotely magical back home. He’d grown up far from what others would call ‘civilization’. In fact, he’d never even seen a castle or a house not built of wood.

But he’d gone out into the world to explore it and discover new things. And now, he caught his first glimpse of something new, something unique and different.  He knew it could hardly not be magical, this creature of moonlight. He could feel its tiny, sticky feet clinging to his fingers, yet it had no weight of its own. He just watched it play for a while when the little thing suddenly glowed brightly and then vanished into nothingness.

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