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Scales of Life

The terms Good and Evil in their antagonistic sense are alien to me. They are concepts I don’t believe in. Right and wrong, perhaps, are terms I can understand. But in particular, Evil is something that has never really been anywhere near reality for me. Injustice, cruelty and destruction are all things which are real, quantifiable and inherently negative.  But they are not always Evil. ‘Evil’ by definition excludes itself from ‘Good’, and ‘Good’ does the same in regards to ‘Evil’. But neither can exist without the other, not in any single act, event or circumstance.

There are always more than two sides to a story, more than just Good against Evil, no matter the victor. All acts affect everything else in the universe, in ways we don’t always comprehend, even as we try to label and categorise them. But in the end, the universe has a balance which cannot be changed. In the beginning, there was nothing. In the end, all that will remain is nothing. Everything else is fluctuation and change, all ultimately adding up to nothing again. One could assign positive effects to Good, and negative effects to Evil. But from the perspective of any living being in this universe, no single act only ever affects a positive change.

The natural state of Everything is Nothing. All things add up to null and void. Every action is balanced out eventually. Religions have tried to explain this, but ultimately it comes down to physics. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The best we can hope for is a local maximum, in mathematical terms. And that is what many of us choose to strive for. Mathematically, ‘many of us’ are 50% of ‘all of us’. Half, a balance. Mankind is not by definition Evil, nor is it Good. Mankind is. And it will be until it is no longer.

That is exactly how I choose to live my life. Everything matters, exactly because by the end of it, it will become Nothing. It’s all we have. And for every action I take, somewhere, somewhen, an equal but opposite reaction will occur. Knowing this, I will make choices that will benefit myself and those around me. Knowing that somewhere, somewhen, something will occur to make up for this local maximum. Because in the end, Everything will become Nothing.

By this reasoning, one might think heroes are the true villains. But Good and Evil do not exist. Everything balances itself out. All we know is the world we live in, and this is all we can knowingly affect and influence. 50% of us will have a negative effect on Everything, 50% of us will have a positive effect. In the end, it doesn’t matter. But right now, it matters to those of us who know this. But in terms of Good against Evil, consider this: If you choose to affect your world negatively, you will be directly responsible for misery to those around you.

Life is inherently destructive because it is stronger than anything else. Life is what affects the Scales of Everything and Nothing. It will, eventually, destroy everything. Which is exactly why we should strive to go against our nature. Me, I’ll strive to do ‘Good’, to affect life around me in a positive way. Because, for all I know, the Universe will balance this out by destroying a sun in an empty part of the Universe, where it will harm no-one able to experience suffering. The net effect of Everything will be Nothing, but this tells us nothing of the net effect of Every Little Thing. Time will balance everything out, but it is not sentient, nor sapient.

I’m not certain about a lot of things, in fact pretty much everything is just one big guess to me. But I do believe in Hope. I see Hope as a driving force of all living things, no matter how destructive we are. Something, somewhere, started this imbalance, this flux state of Nothing into Everything. Something created Life, even if its sole purpose is to return Everything to Nothing. Let’s just try to make it last. Everything is all we’ve got.

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