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He’d never quite felt comfortable on land, though neither in the sea or sky. But here, deep in the forest by a small lake, he had found his home. Perhaps ironically, it wasn’t the place that was home, but just about everything else about it. The sense of peace, the way the winds pass through the trees and the rain falls on the leaves. He’d never been one to depend on his external senses, but always longed to explore the world in ways he never really dared. Scared to be alone, terrified of being surrounded by anything other than his own thoughts.

But now, surrounded by the trees which had started to shed its leaves in preparation for winter, he found himself sitting quietly, just looking around and listening to the sounds of the forest. For now, ignoring the pen and paper in his hands, instead taking the time to think about his past, his present and his future. A flow of words, images and pure thought flowed around inside his mind, flowing from the gentle warmth that seemed to leak away from his very soul into the world around him. It was a strange experience, but he had grown used to it over time and learned what it truly was. An equivalent exchange, a non-verbal agreement between him and the universe to give each other life in a symbiosis often overlooked by others.

Of course, no such trade comes without its difficulty. Equivalent though the exchange may be, it is still a compromise. ┬áSomething gained for something lost. The key to happiness is finding the right loss for the right gain. And that kind of wisdom only comes with experience of life’s intricacies. There is no one guaranteed road to happiness, though if there was, it would probably be bumpier than most. His own path hadn’t been an easy one either, with his own woes and ‘bad trades’, but in the end, he’d found where he had wanted to go. Home.

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