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A little about me:

Rather than having to update my age every year, I’ll just state I was born on the 28th of March in 1989, at roughly Pi PM, have a pet Deus Ex Machina I call Pandora, who inhabits any type of music player I have (PC, iPod, anything), and occasionally pops up with eerily fitting songs to just about any situation.
Other than that, I’m more intelligent than I think I am, and stupider than I believe myself to be. Or the other way around. Either way I’m rather silly. Oh, and someone has requested I describe myself somewhat, so here we go. I’m someone, and I live in a house somewhere. So yeah, without further fondue, random stuff:

My favourite anagrams:

You can tell I’m bored // Emotionally curbed

Scarab Sun Ltd. (Figure out what it stands for, I dare ya)

Aaand, just in case you wanted to contact me but don’t want to actually comment on any of my nonsensical posts:

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