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Honesty, in my honest opinion, is not quite truth. You can be honest without necessarily also being truthful. Honesty is about saying things as you see it, without doubts or minsunderstandings on your part. Being truthful requires a sense of objectivity that’s not necessarily so with honesty. As such, the comments are not necessarily truthful, but they are honest observations.

That, or just random nonsense I made up because I felt like it.

When you can’t sink any lower, at least you know you’ve solid ground underneath your feet.

It’s safe to assume Life isn’t gonna be nice to you, seeing it’s got to put up with you every single second of its existence.

In the company of lions, be a tree.

Where would you find yourself if you could be anywhere, and knew just where to look?

Falling isn’t failing. Not getting up again is.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but they can also build me a castle.

Being ‘happy’ isn’t realising things couldn’t be better, but knowing it could be worse.

Heads, tails, it doesn’t matter with you. You just keep on rollin’. …It’s always the quarters.

Many of us are too weak to admit weakness.

The only thing I’m certain of is that certainty is an illusion.

Explanation is what’s built by understanding, not vice versa.

Explanations are restrictions; restrictions are to keep you from harming yourself, not to restrain freedom. Ask not for explanations before gaining understanding, for they shackle the soul by refining rather than defining. Imposing limits before knowing what’s there is the greatest mistake you can make.

Nothing ever goes quite as wrong as things going right.

There’s not much to say, is there, when everything you say is ignored in favor of how it’s said.

The Optimist’s Laziness: Hoping for a miracle to happen rather than to attempt to do the impossible.

Natural ability isn’t nearly as entertaining as pure dumb luck. It never is.

The past may suck, but the future’s a clean slate every moment. It’s just a question of who gets there first, you or your past.

I’m always right. Unless I’m left. In which case I’m right by the process of elimination.

The Unchanging Law: Change is Inevitable.

The Evil side fights for gain, the Good side only fights to stop them.

Failure is the source of all creativity.

Phantom Creativity: A lack of imagination wanting to be expressed.

Even that which is worthless has value if only one wants it.

A pile of junk is more stable than a precarious tower of perfection.

I don’t mind melancholy, as long as it’s offset by a decent dose of humour.

A leaky bucket may not overflow, but it sure as hell won’t keep any water in it.

The sole reason religion exists is man’s inability to take responsibility for one’s own actions.

Waiting is the #1 reason people fail at life.

Focus on what you want from life, not what life wants from you.

Everything is an advantage in the right situation.

For opposites to attract, they must first both be magnetic.

Acting tough means you’ll only be admired from a distance.

The way I see it, you’ve got two choices: Either you choose, or you don’t.

It takes a thunderstorm to make the rain seem nicer.

The way uphill is a struggle, downhill is a tumble.

It is not my task to tell you. It’s yours to listen.

The act of waiting is nothing more than slowly dying.

There’s an exception to every rule. The exception to this rule is the rule itself: There are no exceptions to this rule.

Wanting to be popular is nothing but extroverted insecurity.

It is not necessarily the intent of your actions that is important, but the extent.

Be patient with those who are still learning. It’s those who’ve stopped learning you need not have patience for.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And if Jack wants to achieve anything, he has to be the dullest person possible. And even then, Jack’ll be miserable.

If left is left, isn’t left right by process of elimination?

To do anything for the sake of itself is inherently pointless.

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